Game overview (Early Access Version)

Tags: Deck Builder, Single-player, roguelike, card battler, strategy, economy
Platforms: Windows
Steam Early Access Release Date: March 26th 2020
Regular Price: $20 (estimate)
Developer/Publisher: Hues Games
Contact Email: daniel@urbancards.ca
Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T5A_30Zc9XM

The Team

Daniel Tapia: Original Idea, Art and Design
Arturo Cepeda: Programming and Tech
Sofia R. Englebrecht: Translations, Additional Texts.
Casey Cameron: Music
Thiago Schieffer: Sound Design
Ryan Hansford: Voices 


Streaming Agreement

In short: Yes, you can stream Urban Cards!

You’re allowed to stream and create videos of Urban Cards gameplay for your own channel. You may do so with or without commentary. You are allowed to monetize these streams and videos with ads. And you’re allowed the use of Urban Cards artwork and logos in conjunction with these streams and videos.

No personal attacks please. And if you do create content of Urban Cards, please let me know via mail or twitter!

You are NOT allowed to use Urban Cards, its artwork, and video-material of its gameplay outside the context of the game or for any hateful, illegal or pornographic purposes.

KEY Features (Early Access Version)

  • 3 Districs (or classes to choose): Akibara, Oper and Gastown; with 3 starter decks each
  • Build your deck and define your play style as you follow the Campaign path
  • Two victory conditions, Make money faster than your opponent with your investments or make them go bankrupt by burying them in debt
  • Procedurally generated Campaign
  • 90 cards and more coming; and 4 different card types: BIZ, Workers, Henchmen, Actions and Objects
  • Over 21 Items to collect
  • 17 different enemies
  • Trading card system
  • 20 Event stages with many surprises!

The Story

The game is set in Hues City, a parody of our society and economy, with colorful cards, different classes and playing styles.

AKIBARA: The technology valley of Hues City. People walking around with cybernetic enhancements, a faint glow coming from the windows of gamers expending endless hours playing competitive games online. This is the birthplace of new tech and the apps that rule us, of electronic beats and coding poetry. This is the playground for tinkerers, digital artists, modellers of the third dimension. This is where bitcoin fortunes are made with other people’s data, this is where big brother comes to watch.

GASTOWN: The black and rainbow colors of a dirty port water infused with diesel and who knows what. Container ships, scaled to hyperbole, bringing the goods no one really needs. Rats almost as big, become sentient feeding on the stray surreality of the place. Hard work, big hustles, leaps of faith. The heavy lifters, the artists, the survivors, the dealers in visions, the denizens of the liminal spaces and of the blind spots of the law. Pockets of gentrification, bustling streets, corners so dark you can lose your soul.

OPER: The most expensive real estate in Hues City. Where the tall shiny towers can blind your eyes, and the expensive scent can make you sneeze. Here you walk into echoing halls and amass a fortune with the tried and true methods of speculation and insider trading. This is the realm of the millionaire CEO, the walking suit and the smile of a lending shark.

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