Game overview (Early Access Version)

Tags: Deck Builder, Single-player, roguelike, card battler, strategy, economy
Platforms: Windows
Steam Early Access Release Date: March 26th 2020
Regular Price: $15
Developer/Publisher: Hues Games
Contact Email: daniel@urbancards.ca
Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QOzRLwmzoaM

The Team

Daniel Tapia: Original Idea, Art and Design
Arturo Cepeda: Programming and Tech
Sofia R. Englebrecht: Translations, Additional Texts.
Casey Cameron: Music
Thiago Schieffer: Sound Design
Ryan Hansford: Voices 


Streaming Agreement

In short: Yes, you can stream Urban Cards!

You’re allowed to stream and create videos of Urban Cards gameplay for your own channel. You may do so with or without commentary. You are allowed to monetize these streams and videos with ads. And you’re allowed the use of Urban Cards artwork and logos in conjunction with these streams and videos.

No personal attacks please. And if you do create content of Urban Cards, please let me know via mail or twitter!

You are NOT allowed to use Urban Cards, its artwork, and video-material of its gameplay outside the context of the game or for any hateful, illegal or pornographic purposes.

Early Access Features:

  • Build and customize your own deck by choosing from 102+ cards – more are on the way!
  • Choose from three different factions and their unique starter decks: Oper, Akibara, Gastown.
  • Carefully manage the different types of cards at your disposal: BIZ, Workers, Henchmen, Actions and Objects.
  • Accept the challenge and make your way through a procedurally generated campaign with 20+ of Events and many hours of replayability.
  • More than dozens of different enemies stand in your way of success: from mob bosses to otaku and money lenders. Get ready to defeat the biggest crook of them all: the Government!
  • Collect 20+ special items to aid you in your quest to make even more money!

How to play Urban Cards

Customize your deck in Urban Cards by choosing from 102 cards, carefully selecting your workers, special powers and businesses. Hire different types of workers, from clueless interns to savvy IT specialists, construct and upgrade real estate, and employ cunning henchmen to defend, steal, or bury the competition in debt. Win by making more money than your opponent, or by bankrupting them!

Explore three different districts, each with its own unique faction, bringing their own special playstyle and starter card set:

  • Oper: The realm of the millionaire CEO, the workaholic suit, and the dangerous smile of a lending shark. Bedazzled by generous bonuses, but be careful of its ferocious appetite for debt.
  • Akibara: The technology valley controlled by gamers, hackers, and neon lights. Being virtual doesn’t mean to be weak, and online attacks, from trolls to otaku, is this faction’s main mode of attack.
  • Gastown: The poor and forgotten inhabitants are adept at sabotaging their opponent, stealing from their business while ruling the streets. This do-or-die faction doesn’t shy away from a healthy dose of physical violence to achieve its aims.

Not for the faint-hearted, Urban Cards’ singleplayer campaign lets you square up against mobsters, ruthless money lenders, or cybernetically-enhanced hackers, to finally compete against the oppressive power of the greatest finance institution itself: the government.

Urban Cards is currently in Early Access and will be regularly updated with new cards, opponents, events, and other exciting content!

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