The game

Urban Cards is a socio-economic strategy card battler, with a roguelike infuse. Make money and embrace the greed in the streets of the colorful Hues City. Build your unique deck with business, henchmen and employees; and sabotage the competition to win!


BIZ are the base of your economy but they increase your debt and can be destroyed by enemy Henchmen.

Workers generate income for you every turn and can have special abilities.

Henchmen are on the streets defending your BIZ. Some of them also have the ability to steal from the enemy.

Actions and Objects have several uses, they can increase the stats of your cards and may increase your income in different ways.

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Contact / Follow

We have been working hard for more than 3 years to make the indie game industry great again. We’ll have news about the early access release soon. In the meantime you can wishlist the game on steam, follow us on twitter or join us on discord for updates and more. Also you can email us at daniel at


Game overview (Early Access Version)

Tags: Deck Builder, Single-player, roguelike, card, strategy, economy

Platforms Windows (Mac planned)

Steam Early Access Release Date March 26th 2020

Regular Price $20 (estimate)

Developer Hues Games

Contact Email

The Team

Daniel Tapia: Original Idea, Art and Design

Arturo Cepeda: Programming and Tech

Sofia R. Englebrecht: Translations, Additional Texts.

Casey Cameron: Music

Thaigo Schieffer: Sound Design

Ryan Hansford: Voices 

Streaming Agreement

In short: Yes, you can stream Urban Cards!

You’re allowed to stream and create videos of Urban Cards gameplay for your own channel. You may do so with or without commentary. You are allowed to monetize these streams and videos with ads. And you’re allowed the use of Urban Cards artwork and logos in conjunction with these streams and videos.

No personal attacks please. And if you do create content of Urban Cards, please let me know via mail or twitter!

You are NOT allowed to use Urban Cards, its artwork, and video-material of its gameplay outside the context of the game or for any hateful, illegal or pornographic purposes.


KEY Features (Early Access Version)

  •  2 Neighborhoods;  Akibara and Oper, with 2 starter decks each.
  • Build your deck and define your play style as you follow the Campaign path.
  • Procedurally generated Campaign
  • Over 62 cards and 4 different card types: BIZ, Workers, Henchmen, Actions and Objects
  • Over 16 Items to collect
  • Two victory conditions: Make money faster than your opponent or make them go bankrupt by burying them in debt
  • More than 16 enemies
  • No permadeath
  • Trading card system
  • Events with many surprises

The Story

The game is set in Hues City, a parody of our society and economy, with colorful cards, different classes and playing styles. The two decks available now are Akibara, the up and coming, trading in intangibles and information. And Oper, the established powers of banking and speculation.

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