The game

Urban Cards is a socio-economic strategy card game, with a roguelike infuse. Make money and embrace the greed in the streets of the colorful Hues City. Build your unique deck with business, henchmen and employees; and sabotage the competition to win!


BIZ are the base of your economy but they increase your debt and can be destroyed by enemy Henchmen.

Workers generate income for you every turn and can have special abilities.

Henchmen are on the streets defending your BIZ. Some of them also have the ability to steal from the enemy.

Actions and Objects have several uses, they can increase the stats of your cards and may increase your income in different ways.

Contact / Follow

We have been working hard for more than 2 years to make the indie game industry great again. We’ll have news about the early access release soon. In the meantime you can wishlist the game on steam, follow us on twitter or join us on discord for updates and more. Also you can email us daniel at
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